Superior Auto Service Since 1984

Locally owned & operated
As a local family brake and muffler repair business operating in Oakville since 1984, Trans-Canada Muffler & Brake is your complete undercar care specialists. Timely and consistent work is completed to accommodate your schedule, while ensuring you are receiving the best possible service.

Our 5 Star pledge
What makes Trans-Canada Muffler & Brake unique is the fact that we offer customers consistent service, pillared in our company’s core values with our 5 Star pledge.

With our 5 Star Pledge, you will have the peace-of-mind in knowing that you are guaranteed to be treated equally and fairly, no matter what your automotive needs are.

Same day service available
We want to accommodate you and your unique needs. That’s why we offer same day service in most cases. Most stock exhaust work can be done in under an hour.

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Trans-Canada Muffler & Brake, Ontario, Oakville

Trans-Canada Muffler & Brake, Ontario, Oakville